CPT code changes and PIMSY's steps to get ready

CPT code change and PIMSY’s  steps to get ready    ( printable version attached)

  1. Check with payers to:
    1. Identify code changes
    2. Identify codes to expire and inactivate
    3. Codes to add in
    4. Pricing of new codes
    5. If new authorizations will be needed
  2. Put new codes in Billing management
    1. Set up the bottom part for each with start date of Jan 1, 2013
    2. Create your needed bill code groups to add to all users
    3. Add new codes to the bottom of each insurance company in the insurance tab (if you are using this)
  3. Users
    1. Determine which users get which codes and add them with a start date of 1.1.13
    2. Determine which users get which codes need to be inactivated set the end date for these as 12.31.2012
  4. Clients
    1. Determine which new codes need to be added to each clients add them with a start date of 1.1.13
    2. Determine which old codes need to be inactivated on each client and set the end date to 12.31.2012
  5. Notes:
    1. You can create note templates to match the requirements for the different types of services to make doing notes easier.

Step we are taking to help with this


  1. Provide a way to add multiple codes to same note
  2. Provide a way to update codes in Bulk on clients
  3. Provide a way to add codes to clients in bulk on global authorization screen by filters
  4. We will provide weekly question and answer webinars for the next 6 weeks to help us all get through this.
  5. Post information as we get it on our forum and in news letters
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    Rebekah Downs

    Judy, as always, you and the staff at PIMSY have outdone yourselves in order to make this transition as painless as possible.  I just wanted to say thank you for all of the information you have researched and provided.  You all continue to go above and beyond!!!!!!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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