Reduce the Size of Large Scanned Images

  1. Make sure you are scanning to a PDF. This format has the best file readability to size ratio.
  2. In the printer properties, set the color to either gray scale or black and white. Black and white will always produce files smaller in size, and if you are not trying to convert any images, it is usually easier to read as well. If color is needed, limit it to 256 colors versus 24 bit.
  3. Set it to scan for a PDF document and/or set the DPI to a minimum of 150. Note, increasing the DPI can greatly increase your file size so do not increase it larger than 150.
  4. Finally, a big reduction results when you choose high compression when converting to a PDF file.
  5. Scanning with just Black & White as well as changing the other settings reduced the quality of the resulting PDF file. You should be able to scan a PDF that is about 2MB instead of the 12.5MB that was originally scanned.

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