JaaS Integrated Telehealth Troubleshooting Guide

JaaS Integrated Telehealth Troubleshooting Guide

PIMSY offers JaaS as an integrated telehealth solution for both Desktop and Web Portals. JaaS is a browser-based telehealth software solution that requires no special software to be installed and is supported in most browsers and operating systems.  For best results, please follow the requirements listed below:

  1. Device with a fast and stable internet connection – absolute minimum is 2mbps up/down.  15mbps down and 5mbps up (or faster)  is recommended.
  2. Chrome or Edge browser is recommended.
  3. Camera and Microphone with allowed access from the browser.
  4. 4GB Ram minimum with 8GB recommended.
  5. If camera/microphone access is disabled, here are some links to helpful sites:
  6. Close all other browser tabs (if any) when joining a telehealth meeting.
  7. Close other software that may interfere with JAAS camera and microphone access, including software such as Zoom.


Download the pdf version of this guide below for your records

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