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The reports under the Financial menu are different from the ones under the Reports menu. The Reports menu items are pre-formatted and some may not be available for all PIMSY applications.

The Financial Reports listed are for company financial information. See below for details on each type of report.


Aging Report - list of clients who are late with payments and for how long.

AR Report - company accounts receivable

Daily Posting Report - all financial postings per day

Day Sheet/Deposit Report - record of all deposits per day

Payroll Details Report - detail information regarding user payroll

Primary Services Report - services provided per client

Refund Report - list of all refunds per day

Unapplied Credit Aging Report - only clients with credit balances appear in the list. There are some additional columns that allow you to see where the numbers came from in the system, such as whether it is a Payer or Client.


Select a date range for the credit report you need to view. Click the + or - to Expand or Contract the information per client row.


Use Case:

One of the administrators at the ABC Therapeutics company has been asked to pull some financial information from their PIMSY. Fortunately, the details needed are available in the Financial > Reports menu. The admin goes to the AR report for accounts receivable and the Aging Report to see who still owes payment(s) and for how long. These reports provide details that impact the company and can be utilized during decision making and appropriate actions.

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