Billing Insurance 837 Files (article)


PIMSY allows you to easily create and submit 837 files to send invoices to insurance companies. For detailed explanations of the invoicing screen, please see THIS article.


Go to Financial > Invoicing


Either use the filter checkboxes (click Refresh when all are checked that you need) at the top or use the common filter to locate the invoices you need to submit to an insurance company (837 file).



We don’t recommend using Date Range in the filter unless you know exactly which dates you need because you could miss some claims.

Once you have the invoices that need to be billed, click on the EDE button at the top. Select EDE Type (the insurance company to be billed). Specify a Billing Location if needed. Add a Description (required), something that will easily indicate which invoices are attached to this 837 file, such as the date. Add Misc. Notes if necessary.


Check Auto Exclude if you have errors. This will allow the correct invoices to be included in this 837 file but not the claims with errors. You can investigate the errors and send another 837 file to the insurance company.

Click Yes on the pop-up window.


Click Generate to build your 837 file.

When your EDE generation is complete, you should see the results in the window.


Some clearinghouses are set up to receive your 837 by simply clicking on the Submit button. Other clearinghouses may require that you Download the file and upload the 837 to the insurance company. Click Update if you have made any changes.

Use Case:

The PIMSY administrator at ABC Therapeutics has several invoices that need to be submitted to BCBS, one of the insurance companies listed for some clients. The admin uses the quick filters to locate the claims that need to be submitted for payment. Once the admin has the correct list of claims, she clicks on the EDE and submits it to BCBS electronically. Another insurance company requires an uploaded EDE file so for the next 837 file, the admin selects Download on the EDE generation window.  

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