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The Easy Pay button on the home page allows you to select a client and take a payment from them without the need to go to their chart.  If the payment is more than the current charge, PIMSY will ask if you want to split that payment to other sessions.

There are Tool Tips on the Co-Pay Icon and Take a Payment button on the Appointments to indicate if a client has a credit balance.


You can access the Easy Pay feature from the home page.


Alternatively, go to the Financial Menu and select Client Easy Payment (Ctrl+E on your keyboard).


In the next window,select the patient. Once you select your client, click on the Take Easy Payment button.


This payment screen contains the client’s financial information such as total owed, total paid and balance to date. The highlighted areas below are required. Click on Show Full Payment Form if needed, however, the complete payment can be recorded from the Easy Pay window.


Once you save the payment and the amount paid is more than the current charges (over payment), PIMSY will ask if you want to split this payment to other invoices.


If you click Yes, the Auto Split screen appears where you split that payment to open invoices.  You can either use the Auto Split button or click the invoices where you want the payment applied.


When you finish the splits, Save, and PIMSY will ask to be sure you want to make the selected splits. Click Yes to complete the transaction.


Once you close the Split Payment window, you can print receipts for the client as needed from the first screen.


Another view includes Show Full Payment Form which opens the full payment screen you would normally see from a client’s chart.  


Full Payment Form


Another option is to Show Additional Information:


This window includes Totals, Payment History, Statement and Credit Card information saved in the client’s chart.

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