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PIMSY offers a Waiting List for prospective clients who, for whatever reason, have not been scheduled for an appointment. There are several fields that can be completed, such as general details, demographics and insurance information. There is also an area for uploading client documents, such as a signed Privacy Notice or Insurance information, prior to their first visit.

Buttons & Tabs:

Client Details - add important information about the prospective client you are placing on the Waiting List. The information here is very similar to the Client Details area of the Client’s permanent chart.


Demo. /Q&A – in this case, add demographic information about the prospective client. The Waiting List Q&A must be created prior to accessing the Waiting List.


Insurance – add insurance information just as you would in a permanent client’s chart.


Contacts – record any contacts for the prospective client.


The Contacts area also offers tabs for Contact Notes and Contact Assignment Notes.


Documents – this is the document area for the prospective client where you can record digital paperwork like a signed Privacy Form or other intake documents.


Misc. Notes: there are templates you can use in this section that have been created by your PIMSY Administrator. Right-click over the Misc. Notes box and select Templates from the menu.



There are two ways to access the Waiting List:

  1. The Client main menu

  2. The My Sal Calendar – click on the Client button in a new appointment window.
    Select Yes.

Complete all available information about the prospective client in the appropriate tabs (see above). Save. When the client is actually being scheduled, there is a convenient button to automatically move this client from the Waiting List.  To do this, click on Convert to Client from the Waiting List. 

Be sure to SAVE after all changes have been made in the prospective client’s temporary chart on the Waiting List.

Use Case:

The administrator at ABC Therapeutics receives a phone call from a prospective client. She does not have an immediate appointment day/time available, so the administrator goes to the Waiting List to gather information that will already be recorded when there is an availability.

When there is an opening for the prospective client, the admin simply clicks on the Convert to Client button to create a permanent chart for the client currently on the Waiting List. This easy process saves everyone time and trouble obtaining and retaining important information that has not had to be completed in paper form and is already available on the prospective client’s first visit.

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