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Alerts are interoffice communications sent to/from staff and providers. This is where the PIMSY system sends alerts for topics such as Authorizations, First Client Visits, System Alerts and more.  Alerts can be sent to individuals or existing groups.

Fields & Buttons:

Sent By:
Sent To:
Sent Date:

The above fields will auto populate when you send the alert.

Unassigned Users: is where you select an individual to receive the alert (double click to add).
Assigned Users: is where selected individual(s) are listed (double click to remove).

Page Setup – where you can adjust printer settings, such as page margins or document orientation.

Print Preview
– a quick look at the print version of the form.

– click this button to print the alert.


To Send Alerts

Go to Utilities > Send Alerts

The Send an Alert window will pop up where you can create and send an alert.

Complete the Message: box and select Users from the left or from the Assign from User Group: list.

Once you have created the alert, click on Send Close (and create another alert) or Send.

You can also Add All from the left or Remove All from the right.

To View Alerts

Go to Utilities > View Alerts

The alerts sent to you are listed here.

There are buttons to:

Select All – select all alerts to remove them from the list once they are read.
Read/Forward –read the alert or send (forward) it to an individual(s) or a group.

Save – click this button after you have selected alerts to remove.

Use Case:

Dr. Smith at the ABC Therapeutics Group wants to invite all staff to an impromptu meeting. He goes to the Alerts area and prepares one for the “all staff” group that has been created by the system administrator. The staff receives the alert and attends the meeting.

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